With the rise of online gaming and trading, new ways of transactions are on the rise, with cryptocurrency leading the race to become the most secure and decentralized option. Tokenroll has created a platform that enables users to make transactions with the power of blockchain technology that keeps the users safe and anonymous. This innovation has been effective in the gambling industry as it allows gamers to invest their money from around the world without having a third party, such as a bank, to monitor their transactions. It also protects them from hackers and scammers as their identity remains anonymous on any Tokenroll platform.

The purpose of Tokenroll

Tokenroll is an advanced technology that eliminates the need for centralized and decentralized online casinos operated by local casino operators by creating a decentralized protocol that lets users access the games without interacting with blockchain at all. TKR is the native token of this protocol that will help in funding the bankroll with the help of token sales.

Online gamblers today require more privacy, especially in the regions where online gambling is legally banned, such as in countries like Japan. On the other hand, the players also want transparency, and Tokenroll is creating the solutions they want. The Tokenroll gaming platform offers almost every game that you can find in the casinos, which is not the case with other casino platforms.


Decentralized casino games are for every one

The reason why decentralized casino games are becoming the first choice for gamers is that it provides the best access to the games without letting any third party record the transactions. Decentralized casinos allow anyone with an internet connection to play the games. While their operation might still be illegal under local laws, they are hard to spot in the first place.
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One common problem that all the decentralized gaming platforms faced in the past was the absence of a liquidity provider. Tokenroll understood this problem and created a hybrid model that allows true decentralization and a backstop for the liquidity of the gambling network.

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The Tokenroll model

Tokenroll has created a model that will allow users to directly interact with a Tron-based decentralized gambling platform. Blockchain is only a decade old and has only grown to provide security and cryptocurrencies so far. A major part of the industry is still unfamiliar with its proper use, which is why Tokenroll is exploring the possibilities and introducing them to its users. Blockchain is still not implemented to its full potential, and Tokenroll is one of the first to innovate new methods to use it.

Tokenroll is helping the users by making it easy for them to trust a platform without having to use centralized or unstable decentralized currencies. Instead of trusting an online platform like a casino, the users can hold a smart contract that cannot be accessed or tampered with by anyone else.